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  • We couldn't be happier with the results. Highly recommended.

    "Working with FindMyRingSize has been nothing but a pleasure, and it has proven to be very beneficial to our company. Since we incorporated the Virtual Ring Sizer on our site, we have seen a decrease in ring returns. Customers are finding their ring size quickly and accurately, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Highly recommended."

    Oded Edelman, CEO, JamesAllen.com.

    James Allen
  • FindMyRingSize online ring sizer has helped my sales team close more sales than ever.

    "I have been with FindMyRingSize.com for over a year and I plan to stay!. FindMyRingSize online ring sizer has helped my sales team close more sales than ever. The team at FindMyRingSize have done everything to make sure their system is 100% compatible with my site, including creating a whole new interface and adding multi-lingual support to fit my needs. They are very helpful from the moment you start until the system is fully integrated in your site. "

    Leon E. Esquenazi, CEO, amore-mio.com.

  • We love it...

    "We have used FindMyRingSize for the past couple of months and have already noticed a reduction of the number of customers returning wrong ring sizes. The customer service provided is of a high standard and keeps us confident to allow our customers to use their ring sizer tool. As well as a reduction in returns our conversion rate has improved and bounce rate significantly decreased. All round we’re very happy with FindMyRingSize service and tools."

    Amy McGinty, Online Marketing Executive, Gemondo Ltd.

  • FindMyRingSize has cut down on our returns and exchanges.

    "This is one of the best tools we've ever added to our site, integration was easy, and we were up and running within minutes. FindMyRingSize has cut down on our returns and exchanges and been a huge help for our customers! . Awesome!"

    Ross Kasper, COO, LoveAndPride

    Love and Pride
  • FindMyRingSize is accurate and simple to use.

    "I'm an online jewellery blogshop owner and I was in a dilemma as to how to provide the best experience in allowing my customers choose the ring that best fits their fingers. Then I came across FindMyRingSize.com. It's so simple to use and provides fairly accurate results. There's no need for you to use a string, ruler, paper or any other fussy measurements. All you need is a standard size credit card, an existing ring and the sizing is done online right on your monitor screen. My customers can easily determine their ring size and the great thing is FindMyRingSize.com has several scales including the Japan ring size scale which is perfect for my Asian customers."

    Min Maketto, Owner , Little Maketto

    Love and Pride


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