You know that your clients are looking for the easiest and most effective solution to support their jewelry shoppers. Refer them to FindMyRingSize to earn 30% of their subscription for one year.

How to Become a Partner

FindMyRingSize is continually seeking partnerships with complementary businesses and service providers. If you are a website designer, software vendor or Jewelry business insider, FindMyRingSize is ready to meet your jewelery clients' needs.

Becoming a FindMyRingSize affiliate partner is extremely simple, contact us and we'll set up your affiliate account.

How Does it Work

The FindMyRingSize Partner Program gives you a way to generate revenue by refering clients to us. Use your partner links to refer new customers to FindMyRingSize and earn 30% of their subscription for the first year. FindMyRingSize will pay you via PayPal monthly.< partner-name >

If you run your own banner advertising campaign, you would embed this address into your banner.

When people enter our website using the link above and create a new account, your partner information will become permanently associated with that new account.

You partner information is also stored in a long lasting cookie, so even if a visitor doesn’t signup to FindMyRingSize right away, but come back and signup in the next 30 days, you still get credited for this referral.

Benefits of Our Partner Program

As a FindMyRingSize affiliate, you receive 30% of first year plan payments of all accounts created using your partner link.

Example 1: A business-2-Business online web service company signs up for FindMyRingSize Enterprise plan at $189 per month and decide to take advantage of the 20% discount by signing up for a year of service at $ 1980. You would receive 30% of that amount: $594

Example 2: A merchant website business signup for FindMyRingSize Business at $49 per month. Every month that this customer continues to use FindMyRingSize you will receive 30% of the monthly subscription amount or $14.7 per month until the first year anniversary of this contract. At the end of the year, you would have earned ($14.7 * 12) = $176.4 from this account.

Payment Details

We pay affiliate commission percentages using Paypal money transfer. FindMyRingSize has a 30-day money-back guarantee and will send the first commission payment for a new referred account the first business day after the end of the money-back period.

Ready to become a FindMyRingSize partner? Just Contact us to get started immediately. You can start earning revenue as soon as you signup new customers.


Ready to become a FindMyRingSize partner?

Contact us to get started immediately


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