An easy and fun online ring sizer for jewelry shoppers.

The current print-and-cut common approach to find your ring size is time consuming and an error prone hassle,
We offer an innovative approach to solve this problem.
Nothing to print or cut with scissors. Instead, we turn your monitor into a measurement device
and guide you step by step, using an easy and interactive wizard to find your exact ring size.

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The Online Ring Sizer Advantages

Turn Visitors Into Customers

Visitors will no longer hesitate about their ring size. Improve your conversion and keep your customers in the "Checkout Flow". Prevent shopping cart abandonment.

Eliminate Wrong Size Returns

Lower your operational costs, and increase your profits. No more returns caused by wrong size selection. Stop wasting money on mail delivered ring sizers.

Super Fast Setup

Get Started in bare minutes. You don't need any coding skills. Our service is web based - there is no installation. All you need is to add few lines of javascript to your pages. (learn more...)

Pop-Up Ring Sizer

Ring Sizer as a stylish overlay window inside your site page. The popup opens right over the current page, keeping your customer in the checkout flow.

Easy to Use Step-by-Step Wizard

The uniqueness of our Ring Sizer is to use your customer's monitor as a measurement device. We guide him through the process step by step using an easy interactive wizard that will help him find his exact ring size. Nothing to print - it's green!

Ring Size University

Your Ring Sizer comes with all the information your customers might need to know about ring sizes. Handy tips and guides displayed during the process to ensure accurate results, and customer satisfaction.

Any Look-n-Feel

We support all type of design customization starting with with simple colors and logos, up to a complete re-design to match your website look-n-feel.


We support ring size scales of all major markets: USA, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, Switzerland and many more. Need an additional scale? We will add it at no cost.

Retailers of Any Size and Scale

We offer a variety of plans, starting from lean-n-mean plans for small retailers, up to fully blown, feature packed plans designed for heavy corporate retailers


30 day free trial, choose your plan later